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The Parishes?

The four parishes are Wybunbury, Hough & Chorlton, Hatherton & Walgherton and Doddington & District (this latter parish council covers Doddington, Hunsterson, Bridgemere, Checkley-cum-Wrinehill, Blakenhall and Lea). These small hamlets together with Wybunbury Village have a combined population of approximately 2,650 residents


As of MAY 2017 Our draft Vision is

“We want the Wybunbury Ward Parishes to thrive as vibrant and distinctive villages and hamlets that evolve and grow in a sustainable way.

We want our parishes to continue to provide an outstanding quality of life for current and future residents"

Currently under consideration for inclusion in the plan are;

Planning and infrastructure

Green Gap

Ecology & Wybunbury Moss

Conservation Area

Rural Businesses & Economy  

Do you agree? What do you think?


Current Documents

Regulation 5 - Neighbourhood Area: Consultation

Wybunbury Neighbourhood Area Application Form.pdf

Proposed Wybunbury Combined Neighbourhood Area.pdf

Regulation 6 - Wybunbury Combined Neighbourhood Application Area Notice

Wybunbury Neighbourhood Area Application Notice.pdf

Regulation 7 - Neighbourhood Area Designation

Neighbourhood Area Recommendation Report.pdf

Wybunbury Combined Neighbourhood Area Decision Notice.pdf

Cheshire East Council website link for the Neighbourhood Plan