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The Parishes?

The four parishes are Wybunbury, Hough & Chorlton, Hatherton & Walgherton and Doddington & District (this latter parish council covers Doddington, Hunsterson, Bridgemere, Checkley-cum-Wrinehill, Blakenhall and Lea). These small hamlets together with Wybunbury Village have a combined population of approximately 2,650 residents

A brief history of the Wybunbury Combined Parishes


Current Documents

Regulation 5 - Neighbourhood Area: Consultation

Wybunbury Neighbourhood Area Application Form.pdf

Proposed Wybunbury Combined Neighbourhood Area.pdf

Regulation 6 - Wybunbury Combined Neighbourhood Application Area Notice

Wybunbury Neighbourhood Area Application Notice.pdf

Regulation 7 - Neighbourhood Area Designation

Neighbourhood Area Recommendation Report.pdf

Wybunbury Combined Neighbourhood Area Decision Notice.pdf

Cheshire East Council website link for the Neighbourhood Plan


October 2017 Up-date

As a result of your responses to the draft vision statement in the First Questionnaire, the Vision for the Neighbourhood Plan has been expanded as follows:


“The Wybunbury Parishes will remain distinct, rural communities and the tranquil    setting of the area will be maintained. This rural and individual character will be acknowledged by the adoption of appropriate building styles, choice of local materials, appropriate densities and levels of green infrastructure which reflect and enhance the local character.

Moving forward we want to maintain the Wybunbury Parishes as thriving local and   independent communities. We will ensure their long-term future by working to meet the needs of those who live and work here and those who visit the area.”


The Wybunbury Combined Parishes Neighbourhood Plan needs to be aspirational but also realistic!

In order to achieve the Vision and in response to the issues residents have raised in the First Consultation and Five-Year Housing Survey (April 2017), we have identified the following aims:

(1) Any new homes in the area should respond positively to identified housing needs

(2) The Open Countryside between settlements should be protected to maintain the     character and integrity of each of the settlements in the Neighbourhood Plan area.

(3) The impact of traffic on the local communities should be reduced.

(4) Any new development should be supported by appropriate infrastructure.

(5) Access to the countryside is maintained and improved, including the connectivity       between settlements and the surrounding area by footpaths and cycleways.

(6) The natural and built environment of the parishes, including their landscape, built      heritage, archaeological sites and wildlife habitats are protected and enhanced.

(7) Businesses are supported and new enterprises appropriate to the character of the area will be encouraged.

(8) To keep housing development small in scale, designed to a high quality which is      sustainable and complimentary to the character of the immediate area.

Referendum (stage not reached)

Provisional date of referendum 27 February 2020

The Wybunbury Combined Parishes Neighbourhood Plan

(Approved by Independent Examiner 14th November 2019)

Click here to download our Neighbourhood Plan (Referendum version)


Regulation 18 - Report of the External Examiner

Date of report 14th November 2019


Regulation 17 - link to Examination documents:

Cheshire East Link (click here)