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Spring News 2018

Based on the results of the First Consultation and Five-Year Housing Needs Survey the Steering Group have:

(1) Commissioned a full ecology and habitat diversity Report from the Cheshire Wildlife Trust. This report will be ready by the end of April.

(2) Recruited local walkers and ramblers to the sub-group charged with designing policy related to Public Rights of Way, Bridleways and Footpaths. This intrepid group have walked and reported back on EVERY PROW across the Neighbourhood Plan Area.

(3) Recruited to the Business & Economy sub-group who will consider business and enterprise development suitable to the character of the Neighbourhood Plan Area.

(4) Worked with Cheshire East Council to produce:

 (a) a Wybunbury Neighbourhood Plan Area Housing Needs Advice Report              

(b) The Spatial Character Report.                                                                                         

 Both reports are due to be completed in March and will help inform the Neighbourhood Plan ‘planning and design’ policies, in compliance with the CE Adopted Local Plan.