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January 2019 Up-date

  Over the past few months, the Steering Group has continued to develop the evidence base that underpins the policies of the draft Neighbourhood Plan:

The draft Neighbourhood Plan is being finalised and it is intended that it will be submitted to Cheshire East Council in February 2019.

This marks the progress of the Plan to Regulation 14 stage where the draft plan is submitted to a Full Consultation with;

* YOU – All residents of the Wybunbury Combined Parishes Area

* The Parish Councils (members of each Parish Council have worked as members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group).

* Cheshire East Council

* All Statutory Consultees

* Any other interested parties (for example: Developers, Landowners, Charitable, Voluntary and Faith organisations, adjoining Parish Councils).

Evidence Reports and other supporting documents are already being up-loaded to the Document Library on this website for your information.

Further documents will be up-loaded as they are completed.

Please visit this site regularly for updates and information about how to respond to the Consultation.